Sustainable Wine Gift Packaging

Just in Time for the Holidays!

It is that time of the year. Gifts, food, and spirits are in high demand. We recently had a customer ask us to create a single bottle wine shipper. They wanted a sustainable solution and we had kicked around some ideas. Box+Foam engineering took a look at a honeycombed paper solution but it didn’t fit the bill. Smaller quantities were going to make the tooling unrealistic. We wanted a design that would be different and offer a lot of protection for a wine gift.

The design route that brought us to this pack was simplicity. We wanted a design that would not take a lot of labor but it needed to look well put together. A gift carton needs to show thoughtfulness but the goal of our customer was to get to a protective paper solution. Our packaging engineer conceptualized the design and the result is a two piece insert that we can interchange to match the bottle type to the common carton. Wine bottles are made to match the type of wine so you need different packaging since the height and shape of the bottle changes significantly.

The Z-fold design is die cut and welcomes additional items in with the wine bottle. Candies, cheese, excelsior, and durable decorations will add a nice touch to this pack. The outer pack provides good presentation and adds to the protection of the bottle with triple walled protection at the top and bottom of the bottle. The package can be reclosed for storage and the additional protective pad that is glued to the inside lid can be printed with a greeting.

Once again, we provide extreme protection with sustainable materials!

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