Sustainable Wine Gift Packaging

Just in Time for the Holidays!

It is that time of the year. Gifts, food, and spirits are in high demand. We recently had a customer ask us to create a single bottle wine shipper. They wanted a sustainable solution and we had kicked around some ideas. Box+Foam engineering took a look at a honeycombed paper solution but it didn’t fit the bill. Smaller quantities were going to make the tooling unrealistic. We wanted a design that would be different and offer a lot of protection for a wine gift.

The design route that brought us to this pack was simplicity. We wanted a design that would not take a lot of labor but it needed to look well put together. A gift carton needs to show thoughtfulness but the goal of our customer was to get to a protective paper solution. Our packaging engineer conceptualized the design ...

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Sustainable Packaging Design

Triad Speakers Reduces Costs and Improves Sustainablity

Sustainable. When I look in the thesaurus it shows synonyms like, "maintainable, supportable, workable, ecological, green, natural, and balanced". I like the term, “Balanced”. It makes sense. We are balancing materials so that a great deal of the package can be sustainable. When we balance these materials we often reduce the amount of one material and increase the amount of a more sustainable material. What makes a packaging material sustainable? Well, there are a lot of tradeoffs. 

Larry Pexton, the CEO at Triad Speakers, was looking to reduce his packaging cost. We did a presentation for Larry’s team on sustainability and showed them we could get cost reductions through our sustainable engineering effort. Larry ...

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